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A Little Adventure by parkforestelf A Little Adventure :iconparkforestelf:parkforestelf 6 0
Hiro Hamada x Reader: Shaky Science
You grumbled under your breath bitterly, trying to gather up all your torn and scattered blueprints and sketches that littered your "lab". Thanks to your good-for-nothing brat of a cat, three years worth of research and ideas for new inventions that along with some of the research were gone. And the thing that hit you the hardest with sadness and rage, was a blueprint that you and your best friend made together, Hiro Hamada.
You've known each other since you were in preschool. While the other kids made their macaroni necklaces,  you and Hiro were making DNA strands. That's how you became best friends, showing off your smarts to the rest of your class. But unlike Hiro, you stayed in high school while he graduated at age thirteen. Why? During your middle school years, you were slowly unable to hold anything still, your hands shaking like miniature earthquakes. It wasn't Parkinson's Disease but it was close enough to it and it left doctors stumped. The shaking made you work at a frus
:iconrobottoxic:RobotToxic 1,042 457
Hiro Hamada X Paralyzed!Reader: Fix You
~Warning: This reader insert contains a, yet every obvious if you have seen the trailers, spoiler for the movie: Big Hero Six. It is a small spoiler and it will most likely not affect your movie experience, since it was said in all the trailers almost, but it's better to be safe than sorry. If you want, you may skip to where there is the first time skip indicated by the Baymax's You have been warned.~
Hiro turned in his chair at the sound of a light knocking on the wall of his lab. He smiled to see his great, life-long friend, (Name), standing in the door way. "Hey, (Name)."
"Hi, Hiro!" (Name) chirped. She entered the garage, clasping her hand on Hiro's shoulder, patting it roughly. "Ready to go? Your
:iconrobottoxic:RobotToxic 986 312
Jealous (Cadet!Levi x Cadet!Reader)
It was raining today but you and Levi were tasked to gather some 3DMG supplies in this downpour by your very own Squad Leader, Flagon Darlett. Yup, it’s kinda disturbing for the both of you considering that you two will get soaked up even with the cloak on and knowing that Levi REALLY hates mud which is pretty plenty in this kind of weather condition but orders are orders so there’s no complaining to that, even though Levi’s pretty pissed off at the moment.
Anyway, you were working hard carrying all the boxes containing the said supplies back and forth when you suddenly stopped as you heard a faint squeaky sound.
“What’s that sound?” You asked yourself; curiosity getting the better of you as this sound continued on with even greater volume. You tried to listen very carefully this time; trying to pinpoint its location when you finally spotted a box seating near an alley. Upon spotting it, you made your way towards the said box and took a peek inside.
:iconriasora27:RiaSora27 715 241
Tensions by zephyr03 Tensions :iconzephyr03:zephyr03 1,226 112 Plush by lindsaycampbell Plush :iconlindsaycampbell:lindsaycampbell 126 3
Free!: Tachibana Makoto x Reader - Enjoy~

"Take care and come back soon~!"...
Damn it.. You cursed in your head as you swiftly avoided a big crowd of people. Just why, when I decide to go out, everyone them decide so, too..? Well, maybe it was crowded, because it was lunch time? Yeah, definitely that. Mumbling yet another excuse, you dragged yourself through crowded streets of Iwatobi town. The town itself didn't have so much people, but then, from where did these came from..? 
Oh well.. maybe it's just my mind telling it's too much, seeing I rarely go out.. In reality, you were a person who went out your home on special needs.. and if your friends dragged you out. Why, some may ask? That's because you didn't like people. You hated crowded places, you felt uncomfortable with new relations.. and you definitely weren't searching for a boyfriend. The thought made you cringe. You were a free person and you felt, that if you only had one
:icondija9:Dija9 107 52
This Moment (Eren X Reader) Wedding!AU
~A/N: Listen to this as you read! You may need to replay it once or twice - ~
He nervously shuffled his feet, wringing his hands together as he stared down at the floor. His heart thudded against his chest at an uneven pace, sending waves of an indescribable feeling searing through his form. What was that emotion? Was it anxiety? Pride perhaps? Or overwhelming happiness?
Eren began straightening out the sleeves of his suit, uneasily licking his lips. He turned to the man beside him, furrowing his brows slightly. “Is it time yet?” he asked.
The man gave him a soft glare, crossing his arms. “Sir, the ceremony doesn’t start for another five minutes. She’ll be fine, I promise.”
Eren nodded absentmindedly, shifting his weight from foot to foot. “You nervous?” A voice called from behind him.
He glanced over his shoulder, taking a long sigh. “Yeah, Horseface, wouldn’t you be?” h
:icongreystream:Greystream 317 121
Addressed to You {Levi x Reader}
Calloused fingers pricked at the slick lining of the letter, steel orbs roaming over each fold and delicate pen-written word.
His tongue trailed over the glue line so that he could seal away his letter and send it straight to you.
For a moment, Levi found himself tempted to open it back up so that he could re-read what he said to you, knowing that one small speck of a word could get your attention and could bring you back to him.
Lazily, he tossed the pen aside and let it streak across his desk before he stood to throw open the window so that he could feel the comforting breath of the wind. It threw his coal locks to rub against the paleness of his rounded cheeks and revealed more of his tired eyes.
Eyes that would stare up almost lifelessly at the ever-spinning ceiling fan so that he could fall into the trap of his own mind and thoughts. Thoughts that were laced with a light that never seemed to dim, a light the beamed through the gray abundance of clouds that had gathered in his thou
:iconkatsuhana:Katsuhana 337 80
Wish - Fem!Levi x Male!Reader [CRACK] [PARODY] AU
Once upon a time, in a magical land far, far, far, far, far, far, *author gets smacked* 6gy7v cbnfd away, there lived an unhappy young lady. Well, lady being a relative term. Sassy bitch was a far more accurate description. But, this sassy bitch’s mother had unfortunately passed away, and her father married another, a horrid widow with two ghastly stepdaughters. The stepmother did not like her one little bit.
Then again, the girl possessed a personality worse than two rabid wolves with chainsaws, so no one could actually blame the stepmother.
As expected, the two rotten daughters were showered with material valuables of all sorts; dresses, shoes, delicacies, jewels, and beds softer than a cloud. The poor girl-er-lady-er...whatever, slept alone in a tight space, receiving little food, hand-me-downs from her sisters, no lovely dishes, clothes or trinkets of any sort.
But, damn, did she know how to clean.
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 230 257
To Ask Out A Waiter - Waiter! Levi x Shy? Reader
Your eyes always strayed from your laptop.
You just couldn’t help it. He was always near. And you loved it!
The waiter’s grey eyes would glance in your direction and you would quickly look away trying to “focus” on the essay you were supposed to be working on for English.
With blush on your cheeks, you would look up from your laptop again to see the waiter named Levi at the other side of the café serving other customers.
Normally you would hang out at “Titan’s Café” once in a while with a cup of coffee and piece of cheesecake. However, since they hired this guy named Levi you almost always came to this café whenever you could; which was practically everyday.
Yes, it was a crush. A crush that was so powerful whenever you saw the said man butterflies would fly in your stomach and a blush would rise to your cheeks.
As you barely typed a sentence for your essay, you heard a voice behind you, “You barely typed anyt
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 631 68
Sebastian-x-Child Reader: Her Butler, Seeking
:bulletgreen: Sebastian-x-Child Reader :bulletgreen:
Her Butler, Seeking 

With rounded, little girl eyes you looked up at your father’s butler from the tea you had been pouring. “What, Sebastian?”
From his place across from you, Sebastian Michaelis gave you an apologetic look. “I’m afraid I must interrupt our tea party, my lady. For it is time for me to prepare your lunch.”
It was true that Sebastian always cooked your meals- although technically Bard held the title of Phantomhive Chef- and you were getting rather hungry. But despite this, a sorry pout formed on your face and your bottom lip stuck out- sure signs of a miniature melt down.
“No, not yet! We’re having so much fun!”
The Butler placed his tea-cup back down on its saucer with care, though didn’t yet move from his seat.
“I hate to spoil such a lovely brunch, but milady hasn’t eaten anything since breakfast. Sure
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 860 208
Mature content
America x Reader x 2P!America - Magnet (Part 4) :iconsunlessvamp95:SunlessVamp95 283 129
Cold (Eren X Reader) Drabble
A shudder crept up, prickling your skin like sharp needles. Eyelids fluttering open, you shifted, bed creaking in the process. You peered over at the brunette beside you, giving the back of his head a soft glare. “Eren,” you whispered.
He responded with a light grunt.
“Eren,” you repeated.
“Eh?” he murmured, turning over. The darkness of the room didn’t stand a chance against his green orbs that illuminated its aura. He quirked an eyebrow, shuffling closer to your form.
“You stole all the sheets again,” you explained.
He glanced down, noticing his cocoon of bedspreads and thick blankets. He hummed thoughtfully. “Oh, yeah,” he said. He stared down at the mattress for a few more moments. “Hold on,” He groaned softly as he sat up, swinging his legs over the edge of the bed. He shivered as his feet brushed the cold floor. Standing, he stretched his arms over his head as he walked over to the closet. You furrowed
:icongreystream:Greystream 492 152


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